Folgendes wurde am 21.1. 2005 in LÄRM gespielt:

Anwesende: Al Bundy, The Eye

02Cage - Darker than Black (Intro)
03Cage - Kill the Devil
04Within Temptation - Stand My Ground
05Wintersun - Beyond The Dark Sun
06Hocico - Odio en el Alma (dirty mix)
07Freternia - Grimbor the Great
08The Scary Bitches - Piss All Over Your Grave
09Seven Witches - Metal Tyrant
10Faun - Punagra
11Hammers of Misfortune - Act One II: The Bastard Sapling
12Killing Joke - Democracy (mixed by NIN)
13Ballistic - Call Me Evil
14Athena - For Real
15At Vance - Soldiers of Time
16Neiokoso - Tii
17Ayreon - Day Four: Mystery
18Saltatio Mortis - Heuchler
19Cage - Eyes of Obsidian


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