Folgendes wurde am 25.02. 2005 in LÄRM gespielt:

Anwesende: Moni, Lukas, The Eye

02New Order - Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
03The Retrosic - Maneater
04Implant (ft Anne Clark) - Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits
05The Scary Bitches - Strange Child
06Psychobitch - Fitter Than You
07Stendal Blast - die Totale Disco
08Reptyle - In Hell
09Mindware - Gasmann
10Sun Project - Looking For You
11Miguel And The Living Dead - Night Of Terror
12A Cinema Strange - Nightfalls
13Kiew - Das Fett
14Sample Mix, Judgement Day
15Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Die Sonne Scheint
16Sister Machinegun - Temptation
17The Deep Eynde - She Likes Skulls
18Drastique - Maria Magdalena
19Dark Soho - Suckobus
20New Order - I Told You So


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